24 Of the worst tattoo fails you will ever see anywhere

24 Of the worst tattoo fails you will ever see anywhere

These days, it seems like absolutely everyone has a tattoo somewhere. I'm beginning to feel like me and the other needle virgins are a dying breed, and that soon the whole human species will be covered in head to toe in skin graffiti. If I sound at all resentful, then just remember that the only reason I haven't gotten myself inked before now is that I'm too much of a wimp. Although I know that it's totally unlikely, I can't help but imagine how horrible it would be if the artists drawing on me somehow managed to screw it all up. Seriously, I'm only a few beers away from ending up with Super Mario on my bicep or a tramp stamp above my butt crack.

The sad fact is that bad tattoos can happen. All it takes is a combination of too much booze, a badly-phrased explanation, and a really bad tattooist to conspire to ruin somebody's life. There's the old story about the Scottish guy who went on holiday, and asked the tattooist for a tat of a thistle on his back, and ended up with a pineapple instead. Well as it turns out, there are people out there who have had much worse experiences than that. Scroll down to check some of them out ... if you think you can handle the cringe that is.

1. A real six-pack

2. Derpachu

3. Your fly's undone

4. Tortoise dome

5. What the hell?

6. A tiger-lily? 

7. What was he thinking? 

8. Imagine having this stare at you through a flight 

9. What?

10. This is all kinds of wrong 

11. When a song lyric isn't enough

12. Someone loves onions

13. This looks nothing like Angelina Jolie 

14. Something's wrong with Marilyn

15. Pub golf never ends for this guy

16. I actually quite like this one

17. Drawn by an eight-year-old

18. Or you could just quit mentioning it 

19. When you need help with your driving test

20. Dear god, why?

21. Is this from Planet of the Apes?

22. Words to live by 

23. People seem to really love tattoos of tigers

24. Apparently this was meant to be a "galaxy"

Pretty gross huh? Well don't let these put you off. If you want an example of a tattoo done right, then do yourself an favour and take a peek at Scarlett Johansson's cool new back tattoo.