6-year-old boy gets standing ovation from classmates after finishing chemotherapy

6-year-old boy gets standing ovation from classmates after finishing chemotherapy

A heartwarming video has gone viral after cameras captured the moment that a six-year-old boy received a standing ovation from his class for successfully completing his final round of chemotherapy. 

John Oliver Zippay, affectionately known as JO, had been battling leukaemia for around three years, before receiving his last round of treatment two days after Christmas. 

Take a look at the incredibly touching moment he receives a standing ovation from his classmates:

JO’s successful recovery has understandably come as a huge relief to his parents. In a touching Facebook post, his mother Megan wrote:

"Thank you all of those for liking and sharing, and the sweet comments on JO's story and Journey.”

"It is one filled with great heartache and emotions, but also love, courage, and hope. Please, in honor of JO, continue to pray for and support those still fighting the battle of cancer, and especially pray for those who have lost a loved one.”

"As we celebrate JO's last chemo treatment we are filled with much joy, but we recognise we are not out of the woods yet, and will continue to pray for him."

"As we move forward in life, and start a new chapter, we recognise how fortunate we are, how fragile life is, and that we must cherish every moment together as people.”

"This journey has opened our eyes to the amazing goodness in people, and the immense love and compassion that can be shared amongst us. There is absolutely no way we could have done this alone.”

"So many have stood by our sides in so many ways. We have literally thousands of people to thank. I can't list them all here, but you know who you are, and we are forever grateful for you. 'It takes a village' could not be any more true here!"

Battling the disease for the best part of three years has obviously been hard for the family. As Megan declared to FOX29:

"You want that for your child, to grow up and get dirty and play outside and have fun and we kept him in a bubble so we're excited. Looking forward to the future and having our little boy back."