A vegan bride reportedly uninvited all meat-eating guests from her wedding

A vegan bride reportedly uninvited all meat-eating guests from her wedding

A vegan bride has sparked furious debate on the internet after revealing that she banned all meat eaters from attending her wedding, branding them "murderers".

"This lady banned all non-vegans from her wedding, including family and bridal party," is a Reddit thread that has gone viral after featuring a post from the Facebook group entitled "VEGAN REVOLUTION". In that group, a bride told us all about the plans for her wedding.

Vegan Bride Credit: Reddit

In the post, the bride in question slammed her family for allegedly trying to "guilt trip" her into inviting them to her wedding, even though they were omnivores and the occasion was set to be "fully vegan". "Some family members were told they were not invited to my wedding because we don't want to host murderers," a part of the initial post read, while the Reddit thread has generated around 55,000 upvotes.

Unsurprisingly, the thread quickly devolved into mayhem, with a moderator revealing they had to shut the thread down to clean up all the comments. "Locking while we clean up all the personal attacks. What a big surprise that a post about veganism has devolved to name calling," explained moderator maybesaydie.

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There were, however, other vegans who explained what they tried to do at their wedding, including user LordMitchimus. Responding to a comment that asked why the bride had to serve vegan food, the Redditor replied:

"Got married in November and it was completely vegan. We had candy, pie, coffee, tea, and non-dairy creamer. At the rehearsal we had an all vegan spread of middle-eastern food.

Nobody complained. It's good food. We wanted to celebrate our marriage while remaining true to our lifestyle. Banning non-vegans is insane and belongs on this sub [subReddit]. I just wanted to clarify the person is insane and not the ideology."

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"A lot of people don't seem to realize how many great foods just happen to be vegan," added another user. "I am not vegan but I can quite easily go days without eating any meat, dairy or eggs. They think vegan food is all poor soy based meat imitations. No. That's just sh*tty vegan food."

But before long, an update was added to the post. The original poster went into further detail about the drama unfolding at the hands of her lifestyle, claiming she's been "attacked" for being vegan.

"They have consistently attacked me and my partner just for being vegan but when it comes to my wedding, they want to be all buddy buddy with me again. I don't want the weight of having people that still kill animals (the very beings we are trying to protect) at my wedding on my conscience."

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Although the identity of the bride in question cannot be verified, the situation brings the joy of a wedding on a fascinating collision course with the conflict of different dietary lifestyles.