Aldi is now selling a colour changing gin that changes when you add mixer to it

Aldi is now selling a colour changing gin that changes when you add mixer to it

Aldi is no stranger to an innovative, unusual product.

Just this year, we've been treated to mythical shimmery unicorn gin, a heated clothes airer for the winter months, and the recent announcement of their candy cane gin liqueur for the festive season.

Check out this leaked Aldi employee training video:

But if you're still looking out for that product with a difference to wow your mates at parties and seriously level-up your bartending game, then I might just have the thing you've been waiting for.

Credit: Aldi

Aldi is now selling a colour changing gin that goes from blue to pink when mixer is added, thanks to the natural ingredient being PH reactive. Here's how they describe the product;

"This McQueen Forest Fruits gin comes in a beautifully embossed bottle and is made from the Asian Butterfly Pea Flower's petals. The natural ingredient is PH reactive and causes the gin to change colour when a mixer is added. Watch the colour change from blue to pink!"

And the perfect serve for the product?

  • "50ml McQueen Forest Fruits Gin
  • 100ml of light or premium tonic water
  • Big ice
  • Raspberry and blueberry garnish"

Credit: Aldi

The product is currently on offer at just £17.99 for a 50cl bottle, and is said to be delicious served in the traditional manner for gin; with tonic over ice.

If you're after something a little more festive, as the countdown to Christmas begins, then check out Aldi's candy cane gin liqueur, which is set to go on sale in stores and online on October 1.

Meanwhile, their Mystical Unicorn Gin Liqueur is still on sale at just £9.99 for a 50cl bottle, you can check out our review of the viral product right here.

Alternatively, if you're after something totally different, it was announced recently that Aldi was launching its own Vegan range, with prices starting from just £2. They really do have something for everyone, don't they?