Amazon is selling 'kid-proof underwear' to protect dads from being hit in the crotch

Amazon is selling 'kid-proof underwear' to protect dads from being hit in the crotch

A swift shot to the gonads has ended the playtime of many fathers and children out there.

They may be cute and adorable, but the sad truth is; your kids are willing to fight dirty and deliver a low blow now and then. And it doesn't matter if they're tiny with small fists - a precise hit to the kumquats and any man is down for the count.

Well, fear not fathers, because a company by the name of Fridababy is here to protect you, your nuts, and with them, your legacy. Introducing the Fridababy ​FridaBalls Boxers!

Check out the Fridaballs commercial below:

The product's tongue-in-cheek features include "Heirloom conservation technology", as these briefs are designed to protect both your nuts and your lineage. This comes in the form of a reinforced protective pouch that holds a foam cup to soften the blow of a surprise heel kick, or sneaky punch to the mid-section.

And the underwear is not just practical, but comfortable too - made from a breathable and stretchy fabric that "keeps everything fresh down there". The boxers also feature a "never slip secure waistband", so you can keep up with the children without the fear of your pants ending up around your ankles.

Credit: Amazon

Credit: Amazon

The official description on the Amazon page reads:

"Protecting Your Tomorrow. Today.

"The hits keep coming when you're a Dad. Head butts, the baby carrier swinging heels, and the good ole Sunday morning bed jump. Parenting really can be a contact sport. FridaBalls is the world's first Dad friendly underwear, designed to simultaneously protect your [Frida]Balls and your lineage."

Care instructions: the ingenious underwear can only be hanged to dry, and the cup must be hand washed.

The boxers are currently available for $27.99 (which is a small price to pay, I'm sure any dad will agree with me).

However, I don't think there's a material on the planet strong enough to protect from a shot like this:

And of course, this isn't just the perfect gift for dad! Grandpas, uncles, brothers, godfathers, and family friends can all benefit from being hit in the nads by your underhanded kids!