ASOS customer stunned to find 'someone else's period blood' in 'brand new' jumpsuit

ASOS customer stunned to find 'someone else's period blood' in 'brand new' jumpsuit

Fashion retailer ASOS has come under fire after a customer found what she claims to be someone else's "period blood" in the jumpsuit she had just ordered from the online retailer.

Roxy Williams from Cheltenham, England took to Twitter share a snap of the dark red stain around the crotch area of the jumpsuit, writing:

"I know some people wash new clothes before they wear them, but you shouldn’t HAVE to wash them first, unlike this supposedly “brand new” jumpsuit I bought on @ASOS . Yes, this is SOMEONE ELSE’S PERIOD BLOOD. And it’s hand-wash only."

She then adds: "I mean, if people want to bleed freely that’s their body choice, but not over my clothes," along with the hashtag, "#asosaresellingusedtamponsnow."

Per Gloucester Live, Roxy explained that when she first saw the stain, she thought it was her doing, believing she had just started her period. Then she noticed that the "blood" was dry.

This woman claims she got rid of her period pain by smearing period blood on her skin:

When Roxy first hit out at ASOS on Twitter, it appears the company failed to take swift action towards resolving the situation.

"LOL!!! All you’ve done is sent me DMs," she wrote to the retailer. "You said you’d get someone to email me - you didn’t. You said you’d get someone to call at the time I requested - you didn’t. You’d best get yourself back in that warehouse to check your returns for skid marks."

In a later tweet, Roxy said that she was promised a refund.

"ASOS say they have processed a refund but I need to call Trading Standards back if it’s not in my account within 14 days," she tweeted. "So, so gutted - can’t believe I almost wore it! Really shouldn’t have to check for stains on a brand new item."

Needless to say, plenty of people shared Roxy's disgust, with one Twitter user writing: "Sounds like customer service are as competent as the packing/returns staff!!"

"Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans. Dirty b**tards," added another.

"I complained to @ASOS last month after receiving jeans which had been worn," wrote a third. "How their quality team can't tell what's been worn is beyond me! Not shocked in the slightly that you received this."