BMW driver slammed for putting flat screen TV on top of child

BMW driver slammed for putting flat screen TV on top of child

The driver of a BMW has been roundly criticised by social media users this week, for putting a flat-screen TV on top of a child sitting in the back seat of the car.

The three pictures of the as-yet-unnamed driver were first posted to the Facebook group Downshift AU, which describes itself as a group for automobile enthusiasts.

The photographer spotted a car while driving in Melbourne, Australia, with a child sitting in the back, with a large television in a cardboard box leaning against his head.

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The three images were captioned: "When you drive a BMW, but can't afford the $50 delivery." As a result of the outrage generated from the pictures, the post has now managed to accrue thousands of likes and comments and hundreds of shares.

The television screen looked very heavy and uncomfortable, and some social media users who have viewed the post have expressed concern that the scenes depicted in the images constitute child abuse.

For example, one person wrote: "This happens all the time, I feel real bad for the kids. Worst iv seen was a family loading a fridge in the back of their van, they had 3 kids that had to squeeze between the fridge and the side of the van... guess the fridge was more important than the kids. [sic]"

Meanwhile, some other group members were more flippant about the situation.

For example, one Facebook user who commented on the post wrote: "I used to work at a Best Buy here in the states and I loaded a 70" Samsung in the back seat of a convertible BMW M6 with their kid in the back seat, so I’m not surprised here."

Someone else added: "This is not bad compared to what some of my customers have done. One guy bought a set of car doors, wound their windows down and put them into the hatchback boot with the window frame over the headrest and the kids heads. [sic]"

Eventually, the original moderator of the group added: "If you think this is alright, then you obviously don’t have kids. And that’s probably a good thing."

So, does this constitute abuse? Or is this an overreaction? It all depends on your perspective...