Couple with 53-year age gap start TikTok channel where all they do is kiss

Couple with 53-year age gap start TikTok channel where all they do is kiss

A couple with a 53-year age gap have created a TikTok channel where all they do is kiss.

Twenty-one-year-old Gary met Alemda, 74, at her son's funeral. The pair instantly hit it off, and within just two weeks, they were married. Prior to this, Alemda had been in a 43-year relationship with her husband, who had passed away from health complications, and Gary had previously dated a significantly older woman, who was 77.

Now, like many of us, the pair have created a TikTok challenge to pass the time during the coronavirus pandemic, which, on government advice, is keeping people indoors.

Watch a highlight reel from their TikTok channel below: 

Per the Metro, Gary discovered that he had a penchant for older women when he was just eight years old and began crushing on his school teacher.

And while attending his friend Robert's funeral, he felt an immediate spark with Alemda when he gave her his condolences. She felt the same, and when Gary assured her that "age is just a number", the pair got together.

The couple first had sex on their wedding night when Gary was aged 18.

Prior to joining TikTok, the pair were previously interviewed on British talk show Loose Women, where they gushed about their extremely healthy sex life.

Watch the entire interview below: 

When asked what attracted Gary to Alemda, he said: "Everything about her from her beautiful eyes but mainly her personality - her personality has always been amazing."

The show's host Andrea McLean then asked Alemda what attracted her to Gary and she said: "His personality, we get along very well. His eyes just captured my heart."

In addition to their TikTok presence, the couple have a YouTube channel, and per the Metro, have a clear message for anyone who raises their eyebrow at their 53-year age gap.

"I would say we have found happiness," Gary said. "We want to let people know that they too have someone regardless of their age, same-sex relationship and inter-racial relationships.

"Let us have our happiness and find your own way of happiness."

You can follow the couple on TikTok here.