Customers notice McDonald's have made a very rude mistake with their new cups

Customers notice McDonald's have made a very rude mistake with their new cups

McDonald's Japan has gone viral after releasing new cups with unintentionally rude designs.

The plastic cups were created for its new range of "McFizz" drinks; bubbly and fizzy beverages launched to satisfy customers this summer. They're available in three delicious flavors: Lemon Ginger, Blue Hawaii and Blood Orange.

And while the drink itself seems to be a hit, what's really got Japanese people talking on social media is its extremely suggestive packaging:

Each of the cups features a young boy-girl couple, and they were designed so that, when rotated, they could do perfectly innocent things like kiss and hold hands. Unfortunately, the reality of what they end up doing is rather x-rated...

While the odd customer did use the design for its intended purpose, making the characters kiss and generally be lovey-dovey, the majority rotated them into rude poses. But hey! I guess it has got the drinks extra publicity, albeit for the wrong reasons.

And if you happen to live in the UK, you'll have got a more pleasant surprise if you've taken a trip to the Golden Arches recently. They have just launched their Spicy Chicken McNuggets - available in boxes of six (£3.19), nine (£3.49) or twenty (£4.99).

McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets Credit: McDonald's

This is what Twitter users had to say about this new offering, which is currently available on a seven-week trial.

One tweeted: "The new spicy chicken nuggets are so peng."

A second wrote: "Spicy Chicken Nuggets from maccies are the one."

But a third customer was less impressed, adding: "Feeling extremely underwhelmed with these spicy chicken nuggets."

Similarly a fourth wrote: "Are my taste buds broke because they spicy chicken nuggets are not spicy???? Taste exactly like normal nuggets."

And a fifth: "Spicy Chicken Nuggets aren't spicy, also the spicy tomato dip it comes with is just ketchup with Tabasco in. So f***ing disappointed."

Have you given them a go yet? One thing's for sure, if you happen to like them, they'll be a treat you'll be munching time and time again - if they become a menu staple.