Dramatic footage shows the moment shot-pouring bartender attacks customers who spanked her

Dramatic footage shows the moment shot-pouring bartender attacks customers who spanked her

The Spirits on Bourbon bar in New Orleans has an unusual tradition. Patrons of the bar can be sat down in a red barber chair, lying back and receiving a shot of liquor straight from the bottle, courtesy of one of the bartenders.

According to the website, this tradition dates back to a man named Edward DeBoire, who ran a barbershop in the building. “The free-flowing drinks and beautiful Creole ladies called Edward in the most unnatural way,” they wrote, with him passing away at the age of 33.

Now, combining drinking with the barbershop aesthetic is still going strong, though things went a little of the rails recently. One bartender was pouring some whiskey into a customer's mouth when a woman slapped her butt from behind. The bartender was not having any of it, and turned on the spot to slap the woman in the face.

The woman in question clearly wasn't expecting a negative response, let alone a slap to the face. Tyler Gamble, who posted the video online, captioned his tweet with: "Just wanted a shot of fireball". The man just wanted a shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, not to be stuck in the middle of a fight.

Soon after, security intervened and broke the two up, escorting the shell-shocked woman outside for touching the woman without her permission. As if this video didn't have enough insanity, the bartender goes right back to shoving her boobs in the seated man's face.

Tyler later spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle, confirming that it was him in the video, and he had agreed to the actions of the bartender, as did various others.

One Twitter user pointed out, for those criticising the bartender, that while the server had consent from the man, “becky no hands assumed she was entitled to touch” the woman without any consent.

Thought it ended there? Wrong. There was another video uploaded to Twitter, in which another woman seems to try to touch the bartender as she served another customer. And, yet again, she is quick to respond with a hit to the face.

Tyler told Yahoo Lifestyle that the bartender "was great and just doing her job,” and said that she wasn’t being hostile without just cause.

Either way, this is one of the craziest videos I've seen in a long time...