Elderly couple's tearful appeal for stolen purse leads to hundreds of kind offers

Elderly couple's tearful appeal for stolen purse leads to hundreds of kind offers

An elderly couple has touched the hearts of Instagram users all over the world with a post sharing their distress after a sentimental possession was stolen from them.

Over the weekend, Geoffrey Walker, 89, and his wife Pauline, 87 from Leicestershire in England shared an upsetting video in which Pauline is seen crying whilst her doting husband explains that her purse was stolen.

Check out this interview Geoffrey and Pauline walker did on UK breakfast show This Morning:

"Someone has stolen Pauline‘s purse from her bag while shopping in Coalville today," Geoffrey explains in the caption to the video that was posted on Instagram. "The bank has guaranteed return of all unauthorized transactions with her touch card so that’s okay. If you find her disagree purse pleas one of our family telephone numbers inside luckily she did not have a large amount of cash inside [sic]."

Check out the heartbreaking video below:

After the video was posted, the couple began receiving a huge number of messages and hundreds of kind offers to help find the stolen purse.

One person wrote: "My whole family has been discussing this. Our hearts broke watching Pauline cry. Hugs and much love from us."

Credit: Instagram Credit: Instagram

Another added: "I'd give anything to be able to give you the biggest hug right now. There are some evil people out there, but there are more good people!"

A third wrote: "Dear Pauline do not cry It was something material the important thing is you are okay and you’ll get back your money. You booth are so lovely please let me know if I can send some money so you can buy another purse maybe a pink one [sic]."

The pair originally set up their Instagram page as a means of keeping in touch with family, but it now has more than 158,000 followers. In their bio, they describe themselves as "an old English couple living the best life together in footsteps of faith".

Overwhelmed by the kind sentiments, Geoffrey shared the following message in a later post: "Thank you for the hundreds of goodwill messages for Pauline. We have tried to read, or at least acknowledge most of the messages but unfortunately some will have escaped our attention. Thank you all so much for your kindness towards us [sic]."