Girl tricks boyfriend into believing she's shaved her head and he absolutely freaks out

Girl tricks boyfriend into believing she's shaved her head and he absolutely freaks out

Part of being in a stable, loving relationship, is being able to crack jokes with one another. Whether it's mocking your loved one for their skanky toe, drunken antics, or pulling the odd prank now and then, there are a multitude of ways in which people can get one over on their partner.

It is also easier now than ever before to pull off the perfect prank. The rise of technology and social media has made pranking and trolling your partner easier than ever... as one guy found out.

Now, before we begin this story, I ask you to think about one thing: what would you do if your partner randomly decided to shave their head? It would be kind of a big deal, right? While hair is just hair, shaving it off spontaneously would alter their appearance in seconds and leave you feeling pretty confused. However, for one guy, his partner 'shaving her head' ended up in him losing all of his s**t.

The man in question found himself at the end of a prank from his girlfriend Amanda, who used an app to send him pictures of herself without the majority of her hair. Clearly not realising it was a wind-up, the guy loses his mind and made the joke all the more hilarious.

Taking to Imgur to upload the screenshots of their conversation, Amanda wrote: “I had a balding app on my phone and decided to send a picture of myself using it to my boyfriend, assuming he’d probably know it was a joke."

“Well, turns out he didn’t, so I just went with it.” How did he respond? Scroll down to see for yourself.

Firstly, Amanda sent the photo over, which result in a stream of panic in which "Sir Jaredeth" repeatedly shouted, "please don't be real!"

Then, he sent a load of purple devils and said it better be a trick as he doesn't "have a thing for women with short hair!"

Not done there, Amanda sent another photo, explaining that she'd shaved her head for "breast cancer awareness."

In order to convince Jaredeth that it was true, Amanda sent another photo or her friend also sporting a bald head, leading to her boyfriend asking if this was a nightmare and asking "WHO THE F**K TALKED YOU INTO THIS?!"

After she blames Jasmine for talking her into the stunt, Jaredeth begins to think that it may be a joke and asks if it's actually a Photoshop job.

Keeping her man guessing, Amanda tells him that he will just have to wait and that she would like him to lick her bald head when she gets home - something which he is not too keen on.

The text exchange ends with Jaredeth praying for this all to be false - something which he admits he hasn't done in "a long time."

It's not known how the man reacted to the news that it was a prank, but, judging by his reaction to the news of her shaven head, I'm sure he was pretty delighted.