Girl's incredible text exchange with a woman who thought she was texting her son is going viral

Girl's incredible text exchange with a woman who thought she was texting her son is going viral

We've all been in a position before where we've either sent a text to the wrong number or received a message that was meant for someone else. Depending on what was said, it can turn out to be a pretty embarrassing experience; but it's almost always resolved with a simple, "Sorry, I think you've got the wrong person".

For some people, however, it's not that easy.

This weekend, a woman named Rasheida received a message from a number she didn't recognize. It was a picture of an injured leg, along with the caption, "Thought you'd appreciate this."

So, as any other rational person would do, Rasheida replied, "who tf is this?"

And thus began one of the greatest message exchanges of the 21st century.

Unbeknownst to Rasheida, the woman texting her was actually trying to get in touch with her son, Dorian, who was apparently in the middle of a trip to LA and San Fransisco. Unfortunately, she didn't seem to have the best grasp on how texting works (or, indeed, how to take a message seriously), and so she ended up talking to Rasheida for some time.

Seeing as the stranger at the other end of the phone didn't appear to be quite taking the - very obvious - hint that she had the wrong number, Rasheida decided to help her out a little more by sending a selfie.

But even that didn't work.

By this point, Rasheida had quite clearly stated three times that Dorian's mama has the wrong number, sent her proof of this, and had not made any attempt at all to say otherwise. And yet, the other woman in the conversation still believed that this was all a hilarious joke.

So what's a person supposed to do at this point? If Rasheida ignored the woman, she might end up thinking that her son had ended up in some terrible accident somewhere while on his travels. But, if she carried on the conversation, it could have gone on the same way for an infinite amount of time.

Not keen on sending another dozen or so, "I AM NOT YOUR SON" messages, Rasheida took matters into her own hands... by Facetiming the stranger.

Eventually, the woman believed that she had the wrong number, and presumably went on to pester a few more strangers before she finally got through to Dorian. But the story doesn't end there.

After hanging up the call, Rasheida posted about the incident on Twitter. According to her, the pair spoke for 15 minutes, and "actually had a nice conversation".

Now, we all know how Twitter is a sucker for a sweet/funny story, so it was no surprise when the tweet quickly amassed a staggering number of shares and likes.

But Rasheida knew she couldn't take full credit for such comedy gold. So she called up Dorian's mom again.

Perhaps texting the wrong number isn't always such a terrible thing after all.