Bodybuilding triplets visit the same plastic surgeon to ensure they all have a fair chance of winning

Bodybuilding triplets visit the same plastic surgeon to ensure they all have a fair chance of winning

Bodybuilding is a strict and demanding lifestyle for any individual, but you could say it's three-times more demanding for these sisters. Triplets Adriana, Alessandra, and Andreia Dantas have devoted their lives to the sport of competitive bodybuilding, so much so that they follow the same diets and training schedule, and even visit the same plastic surgeon to ensure that they each have a fair chance of winning.

The identical sisters from Sao Paulo, Brazil, are believed to be the world's only bodybuilding triplets, as the 27-year-olds have been competing together for years (Andreia did take a five-year hiatus, but has since rejoined her sisters in competing as a trio).

In a revealing interview with Barcroft TV, Adriana, Alessandra, and Andreia revealed how their strict shared diet means they have to weigh every meal and that they limit themselves to eating carbohydrates only once a day (I reckon I've had three all before 12 pm). As part of the routine, the sisters eat eight meals a day - each one for a different food group.

Check out the sisters showing off their physiques in the gym:

The trio even gets the same haircut, and admitted that they're so alike, that in the past judges have been unable to tell them apart in competitions.

In perhaps their most extreme move to remain identical, Andreia and Alessandra got silicone prosthesis surgery after their sister Adriana underwent the procedure - they even used the same doctor!

Andreia said that she would probably just find a normal job if she wasn't a triplet, but added that her life with her sisters is more exciting, and that their passion for bodybuilding grew because they shared it together.

And despite taking part in the same competitions, Andreia insists there is no competitiveness between the sisters, and what really matters is the glamor and growing old with a good physique. (Which is lucky, because in their latest competition, Adriana placed second and Andreia won first place.)

As expected, the stunning sisters have amassed a huge following on social media after deciding to document their progress together, and currently have more than 21,400 followers on the image-sharing site Instagram.

In fact, the sisters recently revealed in a post that they are launching their own range of underwear under the brand Three Diamonds Lingerie.

In one Instagram post, the trio described themselves as "Triplets, mothers, entrepreneurs, and athletes", and they often share a mixture of inspirational and motivating posts, along with progress from their multiple other projects.