Instagram fitness influencer responds after troll body-shamed her over her breasts

Instagram fitness influencer responds after troll body-shamed her over her breasts

It seems remarkable that people are still taking it upon themselves to provide unsolicited comments on other peoples' bodies in this supposed brave new world that we inhabit, but, sadly, here we go again.

A fitness Instagram influencer has recently highlighted the unfortunate practice in a lengthy and commendable post, in which she details an interaction that she was forced to contend with recently.

She wrote;

"✨“But where are your boobs?” 🤔

That’s a comment someone made on a video of mine the other day.

My initial reaction… “You should probably stop looking for them… They were never here to begin with.”😋

I get comments like this quite a bit actually, so it honestly doesn’t bother me.

👉That said, I wanted to share this with you to send some encouragement your way!

Here’s the thing… There will always be people out there that are going to try and bring you down on your journey.

They are going to be negative. They will hate on what you’re doing. They will even make comments about YOUR body.

Honestly, let it go (as hard as that can be sometimes). How your body looks is your business and no one else’s.

As long as you are happy and healthy… Do you.

Even if you don’t always feel it… KNOW this truth:

✔️Your hard work
✔️Your commitment
✔️Your dedication
✔️The grace that you practice with yourself and
✔️Your willingness to accept the things you cannot change...
👉These things will allow you to build confidence throughout your journey.

💛Perfection doesn’t exist. Find confidence in your uniqueness.

Fitness blogger Kelsey Heenan, who is a certified fitness and nutrition coach, as well as the founder of HIIT Max, told Fox News that she wanted her followers to stop comparing themselves to others and embrace the skin they're in;

“It’s important to remind people that perfection doesn’t exist.

“It’s easy to get caught up in comparison, but we can all be great and completely different at the same time.”

And her followers certainly seem to be all about positivity, with many of them flooding her post with complimentary reactions of their own.

H/T: Fox News