New viral trend has people realizing they all have the same wrist freckle

New viral trend has people realizing they all have the same wrist freckle

Freckles are thought to be caused by a combination of exposure to the sun and genetic predisposition. (But don't worry, freckle-ess folks, you can get a beautiful spray of Meghan Markle freckles tattooed!) Over time, these spots tend to fade, but don't totally go away - like glitter after a long night at the strip club.

But while it's common for people to have freckles, it's not so common for people to have one distinct freckle in the same location. Twitter user @aarynwhitley shared a collage of photos, revealing several people with the same little freckle in the center of their wrist. She asked: "Ladies... you got a freckle on the middle of your wrist or is this a myth?"

The post went viral, racking up 50,000 likes, 20,000 retweets and nearly 10,000 comments. Thousands of women responded, along with a few men, saying they have the same freckle in the same location and had never noticed it before. "WTF," asked @lenatheplug, while @Freyyx stated, "Low key freaking out." "It’s the government!!!!," joked @ElizabethUyong, and @kayla_obrienn agreed, adding "It's where they chip us."

In one of the funniest interactions, @derrick_foraker shared a photo of his super-freckled wrist, commenting, "Yooo wtf us guys too." @lyssafernandez_ astutely observed, "I lowkey thought that was a tortilla. Sorry." To which @derrick_foraker replied, "High key wish it was." The internet is the best!

Why do so many people have a little dark freckle on their wrist? Presumably because our wrists are often exposed to sunlight. However, that doesn't explain why so many more women have it than men, does it?

So, free to let your imagination go wild, with conspiracies about government chips, clones, robots and alien species! (Note to self: Start writing a young adult fantasy/sci-fi series called The Wrist Freckle Chronicles.)