The internet is stunned at how old this dentist actually is after she appeared on a television show

The internet is stunned at how old this dentist actually is after she appeared on a television show

Some people won the genetic lottery, and never appear to age a day, while the rest of us get balder, fatter and wrinklier, plucking hairs the size of cat whiskers out of our ears.

Well, maybe their youthfulness is good genes. They might just be brilliant at makeup, or wealthy enough to afford cosmetic surgery, or brokered a deal for immortality with Yog-Sothoth, the unfathomable cosmic entity coterminous with all space and time, locked outside the gate of the known universe. We may never know the truth!

Now there's a new person to get so jealous of you spend your 401K on dubious age-defying night cream, angering your spouse and sparking a bitter divorce: South Korean dentist Lee Su Jin. She looks like a college freshman dressing up as a dentist for a Halloween party, but she actually graduated from Seoul National University 25 years ago. Now Lee is the head of a dental clinic, and unlike your total loser dentist, her Instagram is blowing the eff up.

Lee recently appeared on the Korean TV show Same Bed, Different Dreams, which attempts to resolve issues between parents and children before they end up on Dr. Phil mumbling "Cash me ousside, how bow dah?" In this episode, Lee's teenage daughter said that she was vexed by her mother's social media addiction, posting selfie after selfie Instagram. In response, Lee said that she became obsessed because her daughter stopped talking to her in middle school, and social media helped fill the void of conversation.

The pair managed to patch things up, according to 9Gag, and - what's that? You don't care about Lee and her teenage daughter's tumultuous relationship? You just want to know old Lee is? Well, too bad! I'll never tell! Wa ha ha! Now, the issues between Lee and her daughter stem from a pivotal point in her development, a stage which many child psychologists believe - okay, fine, Lee Su Jin is 50 years old. Hard to believe, right?

Lee looks so young that if you were a cashier at the liquor store, you'd definitely ask to see her ID. If you saw her at the mall with her daughter, you might mistake them for teenage friends. And if you saw her sitting on a park bench, you approach her, squeeze her cheeks, and coo, "Who's a cute little baby? You are! Yes, you are! You're a cute little baby! Mommy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo! Daddy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo!  Grandma shark, Daddy doo doo doo doo doo doo!"

The point is, Lee Su Jin looks young. And I'm sure the flood of online attention created by her appearance on a TV show will have no damaging effect on her soul-crushing addiction to social media. Nope. None whatsover. She's going to be just fine. I checked with Yog-Sothoth.