Woman who drinks her own urine says "it can change your life"

Woman who drinks her own urine says "it can change your life"

We all know the saying, "Don't sh*t where you eat", but this woman practices peeing where she eats, literally. Ruby Karyo claims that drinking her own pee and rubbing it over her face improves both her general health and her skin. A video shows the 30-year-old practicing her morning and nightly routines, which involve her own urine. Since she was 19, Ruby has sworn by this. The video caption reads:

"The controversial practice, known as ‘urine therapy’ has made Ruby the source of much derision, but she’s determined to spread the word. The writer/sales representative of Glen Burnie, Maryland, has even persuaded her boyfriend to try drinking his pee to quell his hair loss."

Watch Ruby's daily and nightly pee routine:

In the minute-and-a-half long video, Ruby begins her day with a hearty glass of yellow urine. She says to the camera: "I am going to drink my morning pee because everybody needs it twice or more in a week. It detoxifies your skin, and it clears your system." She then proceeds to chug a big cup full.

Next, we see a close-up of Ruby checking her face in the mirror. It's the end of the day and she's getting ready for bed. But never without her pee. She says to the camera:

"As you can see, this is a breakout, and this is a pimple. So when I don't get enough sleep, I break out a lot. So tonight, I'm going to apply my urine on my face, and I'm going to show you the results in the morning. I'm going to apply it right here, and it burns."

Ruby rubs her urine on her face with a small sponge and says that, by the morning, her zits should be gone or minimized after a long night of rest. Next, we see her fresh out of bed, checking her face in the mirror. She says: "Urine therapy works! I'm living proof of it. It's all gone. The pimple reduced a little bit."

But don't go rushing to wee in a cup full of ice to make a refreshing drink. According to doctors, your pee is your body's waste. And while there's probably no harm in injecting a small amount, there also could be.

Urine is made up of 95% water, but, depending on what's in the other 5%, you might be in trouble. This includes an excess of nitrogen or potassium, which can cause health issues. If you have a problem with your renal tract or have pee contaminated with certain bacterias, this unlikely routine could make you feel sick.

Also, next time you pee, it's likely your urine will become more concentrated. This can lead to complications with your gut or strain your kidneys.

There's also no proven evidence that urine therapy actually benefits your health or your skin. So go ahead and keep peeing in the toilet instead of a glass. It's where your pee belongs.