Hilarious moment groom doesn't notice hitting bride in face with champagne cork

Hilarious moment groom doesn't notice hitting bride in face with champagne cork

The hilarious moment a groom hit his bride in the face with a champagne cork has been posted to Tik Tok.

In the clip, the groom can be seen slowly removing the cork of a champagne bottle with his bride at his side, but instead of it erupting with an entirely celebratory pop and firing off into the air, it hit her in the face... much to his amusement.

This is the moment the bride was hit in the face by the champagne cork: 

Understandably upset and in pain, the bride covers her face with her hands. She is then presented with a tissue by a guest, and after the shock has worn off, the groom takes the tissue and tries to dab the affected areas better.

The footage, which is believed to have been filmed in Vietnam, was accompanied by a Vietnamese caption that questioned whether the union would last after the incident.

A groom dabbing his bride's face. Credit: Tik Tok / @userrtcdcvun38

However, in this poor groom's defense, it turns out that he's not the first person to make this mistake. A former bridesmaid took to Twitter in 2017 to reveal that she'd done exactly the same thing.

She wrote: "Tip for being a good bridesmaid: Do *NOT* hit the bride in the face with a champagne cork."

In response, another Twitter user shared what is arguably an even worse story. The only consolidation this poor woman had was that it didn't happen on her wedding day.

"Saw a guy knock his date completely out with a cork to the face on NYE after shaking up a bottle and aiming it right at her and pulling the trigger," he wrote. "She went face down into a plate of lasagna. Someone screamed, 'My God, she is going to drown!' Good times."

So, if there's a lesson to be learned from this story, it's this: please open champagne bottles with utmost caution. If you have to aim at anything, make sure it's an inanimate object and definitely not your wife.