Gay couple has their engagement shoot at Target

Gay couple has their engagement shoot at Target

Everyone has their own special romantic location in life: somewhere where you can remember how special it was when you fell in love there.

Some couples have a favorite restaurant or bar, or a park, or maybe a beautiful view from across a lake or the peak of a hill: all ideal locales in which you could get down on one knee, take out a gold ring, and ask your partner to marry you.

But this week, a gay couple have gone on an engagement photoshoot somewhere that was particularly special to them: Target. Yes, the lovers grabbed and trolly and kissed in the aisles for their Target-themed engagement photos, which have picked up a lot of attention on social media.

Aaron Damron and his fiancé  Tony DiPasqua, who hail from the state of Pennsylvania, have decided to finally tie the knot together. To that end, they hired photographer Erica Whiting and took to their local branch of Target to have their pictures taken.

In an interview with Inside Edition on the subject of their engagement photos, Damron stated: "We always gravitated to Target and would just go to cruise the aisles while sipping on an iced coffee. We associate Target with a lot of our first and best memories together. We just always feel at home."

He continued: "One of the biggest things we’re thankful for is finding a photographer that truly understood who we were as a couple. Without that element, I’m not sure the photos would’ve ever turned out the way Erica shot them."
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He added: "Being comfortable with your photographer is what we think made this what it is. So just be you and make sure you’re comfortable with your photographer."