Man becomes internet sensation after calmly eating his dinner as brawl ensues around him

Man becomes internet sensation after calmly eating his dinner as brawl ensues around him

A man has become an overnight internet sensation after a video emerged online showing him calmly continuing to eat his meal as a dramatic brawl ensued around him.

Chris Hill, 52, was captured on camera in a local takeaway in Portsmouth, England, on Friday. The footage shows Hill calmly eating his fries as chaos breaks out around him. The clip, which has since gone viral, begins with two customers arguing with employees behind the counter.

Check out the bizarre video below:

A young man can be heard yelling at a worker behind the counter, who eventually throws a pair of tongs at the angry customer. Meanwhile, Chris stays seated, headphones in, watching on as the situation escalates.

The footage then shows several men rushing in from the back of the shop onto the floor where the chaos continues.

An employee throws a punch at a different customer wearing a blue jacket, and the latter fights back before being tackled to the floor. It is not clear what provoked the fight.

Soon after the video was posted to Twitter, Chris, due to his maintaining a calm demeanor in such a dramatic situation, was turned into a number of memes:

According to MailOnline, Chris explained that he had been at the pub just before grabbing food at Ken's Kebabs, on Albert Road.

This patron continued to light a cigarette as an armed robbery took place at the bar he was drinking in:

"I turned to see a man and shop worker throwing things at each other and then this tall guy kicked the food counter," he told the publication.

"I thought about moving at one point but I was enjoying my kebab and chips... although the chips weren't very nice," the father continued.

Another video featuring the same incident shows a man with a bloodied nose lying on the pavement. He is then seen standing and talking to a man who is believed to be the store owner.