Meet the woman who claims to be the 'world's hottest granny'

Meet the woman who claims to be the 'world's hottest granny'

Just when we thought we had met the world's hottest grandma, another woman has come along a put her name in the hat. Carrie Hilton, 36, from the UK, became a grandmother this year after her daughter Clarice, 17, gave birth to baby Jessica.

Hilton, who has spent over £13,000 on plastic surgery, became a social media star after she announced herself as the world's hottest grandma in the days after the birth.

Speaking about her new self-penned title, Carrie said: "I'm the world's hottest granny, there is no competition here."

However, while Carrie may believe that she is the undisputed Hottest Grandma, another woman, Gina Stewart, has also laid claim to the title. Stewart, whose youthful looks are down to leading a plant-based, natural food and medicine lifestyle eradicated pharmaceuticals from her life six years ago.

Carrie admits that Gina looks good for her age, but is doubtful as to Gina's claims that she hasn't had work done in order to maintain her youthful looks.

"She looks good for her age, I admit, I'm doubtful that she's not had any work done, in terms of Botox and quite a few beauty treatments."

She continued: "I was dubbed 'Britain's most glamorous granny' in January and then the 'world's hottest granny' by various media outlets around the world shortly after [eldest daughter Clarice gave birth]."

Carrie is open about the procedures she has had done, with the grandmother having undergone breast enlargement, botox, teeth whitening as well as wearing hair extensions.

But, while she may have had extensive surgery, Carrie is also a fitness fanatic and can be found training at least five times a week. Not only this, but she is a black belt in kickboxing and a six-time silver medalist at international level.

"When shop assistants and people at the gym hear Clarice saying 'Mum' they ask her to repeat herself. Then I tell them I'm a nanny and they go 'No way!'," Carrie said.

"I've always been fit and active. I don't go out much, all I do is work and train, so I haven't used the fact I'm a grandma to fend off any young men.

"I've had lots of messages from admirers. Most of them asking for dates or sex. I've even had some people asking to marry me."

Gina - Carrie's competition - is a mom-of-four and a gran-of-one. She attributes her youthful appearance to being as "natural" as she possibly can.

"Being as natural as I can, inside and out, is what I believe has kept me looking so young," she said.

The Aussie grandma had breast implants in 2007 and claims to have only had botox fillers twice, asserting that they would have worn off by now. According to Gina, by banning chemicals from her life, she's shed 15 kg but admits that she enjoys the occasional treat.

"I stay away from all forms of plastic as much as I possibly can.

"I will never drink out of a plastic water bottle or eat out of plastic Tupperware contains because of all the chemicals.

"I won't ever use plastic wrap to cover up my food either. It's not good for you.

"All plastics affect our hormones which lead to infertility, cancers, hormone imbalances and all sorts of things.

"Its common sense that chemicals do not belong in our bodies.

"While it is impossible to avoid all chemicals, I'm learning to eliminate them as much as possible.

"It can be easy to look after yourself as naturally as possible by eating plant-based products and foods that are inexpensive."

So we now have two women vying for the title of "World's Hottest Grandma." I guess there's only one way to settle the dispute... FIGHT!