Mom praised for her response to unsolicited mom-shaming advice from Costco customer

Mom praised for her response to unsolicited mom-shaming advice from Costco customer

A woman has been praised by social media users for the way she handled being mom-shamed by a fellow customer in Costco this week.

Mother-of-two, Jill Pirolo, took to the Facebook page, Breastfeeding Mama Talk, to share the story of how a man criticised her parenting when she was busy at Costco - something which left her feeling downcast and humiliated.

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The mom in question wrote: "To the man at Costco today who glanced over at me on my phone while my babies were fussing and felt the need to say, 'You see these babies? They fuss like that because they want your attention. Maybe you should get off of your phone and give them your attention.'"

"Everyone if you see a mother (or father) with young children out in public ANYWHERE, assume she is stressed out. Assume she is trying her damndest to get through the situation. Assume this is the very last place she wants to be. Assume she’d rather be home cuddling, playing, running around with her babies. [sic]"

She continued: "Assume she probably has had no sleep since her first child was born. Assume she is hungry because her toddler decided he wanted extra eggs this morning so she gave him her breakfast in addition to his own. And if you have nothing kind or supportive to offer her, please mind your own business."

"Our babies are healthy, our babies are happy (despite the fact that they are not currently pleased with standing in line at Costco), and our babies are loved fiercely by us. And for the love of God, our babies can wait 2 minutes while we try to solve a problem on your phone, [sic]" Jill added.

The hundreds of comments which followed show that many other mothers agree with Jill, and want to stop being criticised by strangers for the way they raise their kids.