Mom slammed after airing concerns that her baby girl's legs are 'too fat'

Mom slammed after airing concerns that her baby girl's legs are 'too fat'

In spite of how many pregnancy books and parenting podcasts you take in, there are some things you can't be prepared for when having your first child. And if several people have commented on the state of your newborn bub, you're naturally going to be questioning whether you're doing everything right.

For one new mum, a frequent stream of remarks about her baby's legs prompted her to ask the internet for their advice. The mother took to online forum, MumsNet, and titled her post "Are these legs too fat".

"This is my [dear daughter] 6 months old," she wrote alongside a photo of her daughter's limbs. "Everyone always comments on her legs and how fat they are and it's getting to me. For example someone said yesterday 'bloody hell how much are you feeding her?'"

She detailed what she was feeding her baby, which seemed nothing out of the ordinary: "For reference she has less than the average amount of formula and never finishes a bottle."

"She also only started weaning last week and has so far only had fruit, veg and Weetabix. Am I doing something wrong?"

But while she was simply seeking advice from other mothers on the online forum, her post was met with nasty remarks from people who slammed her for wondering if her baby was "too fat".

"This is such a bizarre post wtf," wrote one person. "Have you never seen a baby before OP?"

To this, the original poster responded by saying that she was just having doubts because of all the comments:

"Erm yes I have actually. I am just starting to doubt myself as people keep going on about it. Well done for making me feel even more sh*t though!"

However, others were far kinder with their responses, assuring the new mother that her daughter's legs looked perfectly healthy.

"Babies can’t be ‘too fat’," someone wrote. "Don’t give it a second thought."

"They are lovely squishy baby legs! Totally normal and cute," another reassured her."They're fine and your acquaintances are being rude," added someone else. "My son's legs and arms and face were MUCH chubbier than this and he is now a very lean and healthy young man."

Another commented that she had a "lovely" baby, imploring: "Ignore those kind of comments and enjoy cuddling your beautiful, squishy baby."

In fact, babies should be pudgy. I assume you've heard the term "baby fat"? Yup, it's totally normal. Fat is vital for babies to work as a reserve energy source to feed their brain, enable growth and boost the immune system when it needs to fight bacteria that comes from all the foreign objects they love to stick in their mouths.

Human babies are actually born with the highest percentage of body fat out of any species in the world, according to Slate. Right after birth, most babies have about 15 per cent body fat. This number increases in their first few months, with most babies peaking at their body fat percentage of about 25 per cent between the ages of four and nine months. After that, the "baby fat" begins to slowly decline again.

So, with the original poster's baby being six months old, her chubby legs are completely normal. Though there were some judgemental people who slammed her for thinking they were "too fat", it's nice to see that most people were supportive and reassured her that it was very normal.