More than 100 homeless students in New York City beat the odds to graduate high school

More than 100 homeless students in New York City beat the odds to graduate high school

We often take for granted how hard it is to graduate from high school. The sad fact is that not everyone in our society starts on an even playing field when it comes to education, and a person's social-economic circumstances and background can play a huge part in determining whether or not they make it through the school system.

But last Thursday night, New York City's Department of Homeless Services honoured more than 100 teenagers who have seemingly achieved the impossible: namely, graduating high school while they were forced to live in homeless shelters, CNN reports.

Some of these homeless teens are now heading to colleges, including Cornell, New York University and Stony Brook University to name but a few.

Check out this video all about the homeless teens below: 

Commenting on the remarkable determination shown by the teenagers, New York Deputy Mayor Herminia Palacio stated:

"The strength and resilience of these young people is inspiring, and it is this same strength and resilience that has prepared them for anything and will propel them forward as they join our next generation of future leaders."

Meanwhile, Alexus Lawrence, high school valedictorian who was homeless while studying, commented on her experience by stating: "I'm just thinking of how far I've come. You have your head down because it's shameful; some people may bully you if they knew you lived in the shelter system."

According to statistics provided by the New York State Technical and Education Assistance Center for Homeless Students,  approximately 114,000 high school students in NYC are homeless on any given day.

If you'd like to help out people who are sleeping rough on the streets at such a young age, then please consider visiting the official website of Coalition for the Homeless, and consider making a donation to their fundraiser.