New TV show looking for online shopping addicts to take part

New TV show looking for online shopping addicts to take part

I don't want to say that I have a problem with online shopping, but when you've got an email account dedicated entirely for promo codes, you know there it's probably time you had your credit card frozen.

From Amazon to ASOS, I treat the world of online shopping like the middle aisle of Aldi; I may have only logged on for some groceries, but now I have an inflatable speedboat being delivered right to my door.

The self-confessed shopaholic admits she hit "rock bottom":

Fortunately, there may be a silver lining for online shopping addicts better than any promo code out there.

TV station Channel 4 in the UK is looking for individuals who are self-confessed cyber buyers to take part in a new show called Supershoppers. Hosted by Sabrina Grant and Helen Skelton, the show aims to want to help families save £1,000 ($1,300) without having to cut back on their shopping.

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All in all, it sounds like a win-win situation.

In a statement, Channel 4 says:

"We are looking for families to take part in our new series.

"We want to help your family save money – on everything from your holidays to your utility bills, from the clothes you wear to the food you eat

"If you want the clever and savvy shortcuts which will save your family cash, then we’d love to hear from you…"

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The show has previously focused on giving viewers the inside scoop on Britain's top retailers and most popular brands, as well as money-saving tips and tricks of the trade. However, now the Supershoppers team wants to focus more on online shopping.

Per Statista, retail e-commerce sales worldwide are forecast to surpass 6.5 trillion US dollars in 2023.

And as of March 2019, online retailer Amazon became the most popular mobile shopping app in the United States, with a 77.3% reach among cell phone users. In fact, 95 million people have Amazon Prime memberships in the US.

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According to NPR, more than two-thirds, or 69%, of Americans say they have purchased an item online - with 92% of online shoppers having had purchased at least one item from Amazon.

If you want to apply for the show, click here to visit the Channel 4 website to find all the relevant information.