Nine-year-old boy sells $6,000 worth of lemonade for his sick brother's medical bills

Nine-year-old boy sells $6,000 worth of lemonade for his sick brother's medical bills

When humanity is at its worst we can always look to children to help us see the good in things. So pure of heart and unfiltered in their beliefs; a news segment about a bunch or rapscallions doing a good deed will always put a smile on your face. Wouldn't you believe it? I have just such a story: a nine-year-old South Carolina boy selling lemonade to help his sick baby brother raised nearly $6,000 in just two hours last weekend.

Andrew Emery wants to help his parents pay for the medical bills for his little brother Dylan. The infant suffers from Krabbe disease, a rare and often lethal neurological condition.

So, last weekend, Emery spent two hours at used truck dealership Southern Wheels in Greenwood, selling lemonade and #TeamDylan T-shirts. He raised $5,860 to be added to $1,300 raised at a Friday benefit concert, and $5,600 from a GoFundMe site for his brother.

“I’m gonna spend it on doctor’s bills and stuff, and buy him a teddy bear too,” Andrew told the Index-Journal of Greenwood. “I just want to help Dylan. He’s my baby brother.” Dylan's mom and pap are with him at a Pittsburgh hospital updating everyone on their son's condition on Facebook while they seek medical care.

The mom, Melissa Emery wrote last week: “The calls, texts, thoughts and prayers have been continuous and so numerous we can’t count. We r so appreciative!! Please keep them coming because we r grasping at each one to help us through the day. For the people who are doing fundraisers and donating. I will never be able to repay u for helping us but please know we r so thankful and I pray that God will bless u to the end of the earth!! [sic]”

Andrew’s mother said he has been thrilled from the start to have a younger brother, and the fundraising is just an extension of the love he has for Dylan. “It’s really hard to explain to a 9-year-old what’s happening. From the minute he found out he was going to be a big brother, he was in love with it,” she said. “I see every day that he’s special, and now everybody else can, too.”

Andrew has been talking to his baby brother on video calls, and has big plans for when he gets home, hopefully later this week. “I’m going to hug him,” Andrew said. This reminds me of another noble kid at the turn of the year - if you can still see through the tears in your eyes have a look at Dawson Aldridge.

Summer Aldridge, his mom, promised two-year-old Dawson that he could have five dollars to buy himself a treat if he behaved (I would be lucky to even get the cereal I liked, let alone five dollars for whatever I wanted).

At the end of the errand, Dawson went to pick out a drink and a candy bar. But then he saw a group of firefighters in uniform and brought his mother an entire box of Tic Tacs. "Can we give these to those guys?" he asked.

His mum, of course, agreed and Dawson walked over to the firefighters to deliver the treats himself. His mum posted the heartfelt story on Facebook, saying "they were so nice — just hugging him and asking him what he wants for Christmas".

She continues in the post, "Dawson said to them 'I wanna be a firefighter for Christmas!' They all laughed and said, 'We have room for you buddy, we can give you an application now'." This is too cute to handle - excuse me while I go get some tissues.