No-one can figure out who the mom is in these viral pictures and people are obsessed

No-one can figure out who the mom is in these viral pictures and people are obsessed

When we look at celebs like Jennifer Lopez or George Clooney, we only lament the fact that they only seem to get better-looking with age for a second. Because we know that they're super rich and famous, which means they have the means to pay for nutritionists and skin-care advisors who hook them up with magical elixirs made from exotic ingredients we've never even heard of. Not to mention that their careers consist of huge audiences looking at them all the time, so self-grooming and keeping up appearances is kind of a job requirement.

We all think, "eh, I don't have the time and money to do all that", so will excuse ourselves when the inevitable grey hairs start to show up and the dad bods begin to emerge (and so what, it's only natural!?). However, the occasional person comes along who, despite being a mere mortal like the rest of us, has somehow managed to avoid the effects of ageing.

I mean, it's good for us all to wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly for our general well-being - as well as to fend off the signs of ageing - but it's never going to obscure the fact that we are normal human beings who do indeed grow older as the years press on. But for some people, it actually does...

Like this mother, who recently captivated the attention of the internet due to the fact that she looks the same age as her daughter. Twitter user Krissy Nicole uploaded two pictures of her standing with her mother in a post dedicated to her, writing in the caption: "Thank you for literally everything you do for me mother. I love you". It's pretty cute, and they do look very glam standing together.

Only... people found it very difficult indeed to figure out who was the mother, and who was the daughter. You've got to admit, they both look like they could be the same age - like sisters or best friends!

The post was swarmed with comments from people who said they could easily be siblings...

While others said the pic looked like the typical kind of photos taken by two best friends.

To which Krissy responded that her mum is her best friend.

Others thought the two of them looked like Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell, the young actresses from Pretty Little Liars.

And everyone else was just shocked at how youthful Krissy's mum looks.

Alright, I'll put you out of your misery, in case you haven't figured it out yet: Krissy is the one with dark hair, and her mother is the blonde one. All it takes is a glance at Krissy's Twitter avatar to figure it out.

Who knows what her mother's secret is - but, even though she's gorgeous on the outside, it seems she's beautiful on the inside too, based on Krissy's original post.