Parents instantly regret buying baby monitor after it makes their child look possessed

Parents instantly regret buying baby monitor after it makes their child look possessed

If “The Omen”, “The Exorcist”, “The Conjuring 2” et al have taught us anything it’s that children are not to be trusted when it comes to the paranormal. Obviously, there’s plenty to worry about if and when an adult becomes possessed, but things are somehow infinitely worse when all the action revolves around a child. Kids are terrifying enough, without a light sprinkling of Satan being thrown into the mix. 

Of course, on-screen demon children are plenty scary enough. It’s another matter entirely when the kid in question happens to be sleeping just a few metres from you in the next room. Obviously, there’s usually an innocent explanation for something sinister and supernatural, but that doesn’t make it any harder to not freak out when a demon baby appears to be living under your roof. 

Two parents found themselves catapulted to internet stardom this week after sharing a photo that made “Paranormal Activity” look like a documentary. The couple posted the snap of their new baby monitor, which appeared to show their child staring malevolently at the camera with glowing white eyes reminiscent of a still from “Silent Hill”. 

Footage Shows Serial Burglar Creeping Around Sleeping Baby's Nursery:

Accompanying the photo with the caption, “We got a new video baby monitor and I think that was a mistake,” Twitterer @PassionPopSoc was soon bombarded by comments begging for him to get an exorcism. The original post has since accrued over 400,000 comments and 80,000 retweets, helping make this demonic baby the most infamous since Rosemary’s.

Even though the picture was undoubtedly terrifying, the parents seemed to be taking everything in incredibly good faith. PassionPopSoc even stirred the pot still further, adding:

“On a related note, does anyone have experience with a good noise generator app? Every one that I’ve tried so far is just layers of whispered chanting in Latin instead of white noise. It still puts Finn to sleep but I don’t like it.”

He also rejected one commenter’s suggestion of a baptism by replying:

“We did but it turned the water to blood, the priest started climbing up the walls, it was a whole thing.”

Understandably, internet users were not short of potential solutions. Arguably the most creative came from a Twitterer who suggested:

 “1. Get out of the house 2. Leave the baby and leave a warning for the next owners 3. Let them buy it anyway 4. Horrors ensue 5. Find a desperate up and coming “writer” 6. sell your story 7. Go on a lavish vacation 8. Have a new baby 9. Buy a different monitor.”

It might sound excessive, but if we’ve learned one thing about Satan it’s that he can be quite persistent.