12 Women reveal the outrageous reason they date married men

12 Women reveal the outrageous reason they date married men

While everyone's entitled to their own preferences, it's clear that some proclivities are more problematic than others. Naturally, not everyone wants a run-of-the-mill partner, and nor should they - though, this becomes questionable when the object of your affection turns out to be married.

While the majority of us will never be able to understand why some women willingly, and actively, go for attached men - it's one stereotype that we have seen play out countless times. But despite all the backlash and judgement they face, such individuals do have their reasoning. Read on to see why exactly certain single ladies lust after men who are already committed...

1. It's a tough market out there...

2. Heartbreak is difficult to overcome

3. It's your choice

4. Fair enough

5. True

6. If it makes you happy...

7. It's a difficult day for many 

8. Now, there's some logic

9. For some it's "the best of both worlds"

10. We all have our fantasies... 

11. We all deserve commitment 

12. Some enjoy being "the other woman"

Well, there you have it. While it will never make sense to those of us who respect other people's relationships, some individuals twist logic to serve their own purposes, and to soothe their consciences.