20 husbands confess the most awful secret that they have kept from their wife

20 husbands confess the most awful secret that they have kept from their wife

Marriage is supposed to be the blissful union of two people very much in love - well, at least that's what we are all taught by our parents and teachers...

But according to statistics from 2015, 42% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce - which is a pretty startling number. So why are all these marriages coming to an abrupt end? Are people simply falling out of love? Or is it something more sinister.

According to the Office for National Statistics, unreasonable behaviour was the most common reason for opposite-sex couples divorcing (with 52% of wives and 37% of husbands petitioning on these grounds). So what are people doing that is so unreasonable? Cheating? Lying? Getting into mountains of credit card debt? All of the above?

The Whisper app is the largest online community where people anonymously share real thoughts and feelings - and there are some pretty outrageous confessions on there. Here we have 2o husbands revealing the most awful secret that they have ever kept from their wife - which might go some way to explaining why so many marriages are ending in a fiery inferno.

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Now I'm not saying that every marriage that breaks down is because of dark personal secrets - but as you can see from the confessions above, it's clear that they certainly don't help keep a marriage pure and lasting. If you look at marriages that have withstood the test of time, it's really all about openness and honesty - something the men in this list have lots to learn about.