82-year-old cougar grandmother goes on three dates a week with 'buff' younger men and has never been rejected

82-year-old cougar grandmother goes on three dates a week with 'buff' younger men and has never been rejected

An 82-year-old hooking up with someone nearly half their age would normally be something out-of-the-ordinary. But for Hattie Retroage, going on dates with "buff" younger men is a weekly occurrence.

Hattie is a self-confessed cougar grandmother, who utilizes Tinder better than any 20-year-old out there. The mother-of-two and grandmother-of-three has been single for 35 years since her divorce and regularly shares nights of passion with toyboys who are decades younger than her.

In fact, the New Yorker insists that she's never met a man who has said no, stating: "There are men that want older women and they are handsome, and buff, and all sorts of great things ... I have never met a man who doesn't want to f*ck me."

Hattie Retroage Credit: Facebook/Helena Summer

Speaking of her dates, of which she goes on three a week, Hattie told the MailOnline's Femail: "I tell them in advance that I have to meet them for chemistry. We go out for a drink, and if the chemistry is right, we go to my apartment, and if not then we just leave each other."

The 82-year-old began her career as a dancer, training at an arts college, before meeting her ex-husband. The pair opened a dance school together, but as her two children grew up, Hattie changed paths and became a psychoanalyst in order to support them through college.

Her marriage sadly broke down when she was in her 50s in 1984, with Hattie claiming she wanted to divorce her husband because "he did not work harder to get them to go to college, and that is what broke up our marriage. He became rageful and ugly to me, as I charged $100 and he charged $9 for dance classes. But that ultimately freed me."

Hattie Retroage Credit: Facebook/Helena Summer

However, her divorce didn't mark the end of her love life, of course. Soon after Hattie began using her dance knowledge with psychoanalysis clients, giving people "movement therapy," she decided to date again.

Hattie's youthful spirit is echoed by that of 71-year-old burlesque dancer Marilyn Bersey, who says she's never felt sexier:

She began meeting up with men her own age, but found they were not up to the standard she expected in bed, saying: "Older men are not adept at giving women orgasms."

She explained to Femail: "One day I went out with a 60-year-old, and we had a lovely dinner and we were going back to his house when I found myself looking into a room with Beatles posters on the wall, and hockey sticks and stinky socks and I just thought - that's who I want to sleep with, not this man."

Hattie Retroage Credit: Facebook/Helena Summer

After having this revelation, she put an advert in a newspaper, announcing that she wanted to sleep with men under the age of 35 - and was immediately bombarded with requests for meet-ups!

Nowadays, Hattie is practically a sex expert, who "loves and honours" her body and believes it's important to keep it active after the menopause.

"The sex tip I'm giving people is: masturbate for God's sake! You must keep the engine going whether you feel like it or not," she says.