Boyfriend shaves his girlfriend's head and then immediately shaves his own in act of true love

Boyfriend shaves his girlfriend's head and then immediately shaves his own in act of true love

True love means going through life together and facing ever challenge as a couple - and this boyfriend proved he'd do anything to share the pain of his girlfriend.

Eva Barilaro has alopecia, and despite growing her hair for a decade, she was forced to ask her boyfriend, Damien, to shave her head.

Originally sharing the video to TikTok, she captioned the footage: "After months growing my #hair for the first time in 10 years I had to ask my #boyfriend to #shave my #head again... first time was my granddad."

Eva has since shared the video to YouTube, which can be seen below:

The footage shows Eva sitting in her bathroom as Damien uses clippers to carefully shave off her hair, as the pair talk and laugh together. However, Eva is clearly pained by the event, and can even be seen wiping away tears from her eyes.

However, without hesitation, immediately after finishing Eva's hair, Damien turns the clippers to his own head, and begins shaving off his locks.

After looking in the mirror, Eva sees her boyfriend's loving act, breaks down in tears. (And I won't lie, she wasn't the only one.)

Since posting the original clip back in May, the video has amassed over 1 million views, and thanks to a share from social media influencer Rex Chapman, the video is once again gaining attention and showing what true love looks like.

And people online simply couldn't get enough of Damien's wonderful and selfless act of love.

One tiktokker wrote: "As a dad with 2 daughters you sir are the kind of man I would hope they find. and to this beautiful lady stay strong and lean on that man he's got you."

Credit: TikTok Credit: TikTok

Another added: "You are beautiful with or without hair! You WILL get through it! And keep that bf of yours he loves you and would do anything for you!"

And to prove that true love still exists, many people took to Twitter to share their own stories in support of Eva and Damien:

All such incredible and touching stories!

And to Eva and Damien, you both look beautiful - with or without hair!