Brave hotel clerk turns the tables on idiotic armed robber

Brave hotel clerk turns the tables on idiotic armed robber

Gripping surveillance footage released by the Paducah Police Department shows a man robbing a hotel, before being scared away when the clerk stealthily grabs his gun and points it at him.

The suspect, identified as 26-year-old Cory T. Phillips, was arrested by the police force in Paducah, Kentucky, on Tuesday during a routine traffic stop, KFVS reports.

The department has since posted surveillance footage from the hotel - which shows Phillips robbing the Country Inn and Suites on McBride Lane - to its Facebook page.

He can be seen wearing a dark long-sleeved shirt, a pair of jeans, white shoes, a white shirt around his face and a University of Alabama "sock hat" on his head.

This is the bizarre moment the robber is outwitted by a particularly brave hotel clerk:

In the video, captured on Monday night, the robber enters the hotel brandishing a gun and has the clerk hand over money by placing it onto the front desk.

Before she takes out the money, Phillips tries to climb over the desk, but without any hesitation, the clerk pushes him back over to the other side. She then throws the money onto the desk. He then lets go of his gun, leaving it on the countertop so that he can transfer the cash into a plastic bag.

Paducah Police Department Credit: Paducah Police Department

It's at this precise moment that the quick-thinking clerk grabs the gun and points it at the robber, who immediately sprints out the door.

However, that certainly isn't the end to an already bizarre incident - the robber soon returns and again attempts to climb over the desk - in what we imagine was an attempt to retrieve his handgun from the clerk.

Paducah Police Department Credit: Paducah Police Department

Fortunately, the brave lady refuses to back down and continues pointing the gun at him, and yet again, Phillips runs for the hills.

Phillips has since been arrested on charges of first-degree robbery and receiving stolen property (firearm).