Couple caught 'joining mile high club' after spending 10 minutes in plane toilet

Couple caught 'joining mile high club' after spending 10 minutes in plane toilet

When it comes to kinks and getting physical in a relationship, there are always some scenarios that sound much better than they actually are in reality. For example, I used to really be up for doing it in the shower - until I actually did. It's messy, cramped, and water is not a lubricant.

Another "fantasy" that often gets spoken about more than actually seen is the mile high club. Now, in case you've been living under a rock since the birth of aircrafts, the mile high club is simply when two people have sex on a place while it's flying.

And despite it sounding exciting, risky, and taboo - after seeing the state of some economy toilets, I really don't see the appeal.

However, that didn't stop this frisky couple, who were spotted sneaking out of an American Airline's toilet after allegedly spending 10 minutes inside.

Check out the damning (and rather embarrassing) footage below:

The footage was captured by professional male beach volleyball player Stafford Slick, who captured the moment on camera and quickly shared it on his Instagram story.

Stafford captioned the video with: "These women had been posted up on the lavatory, ready for a ballpark of 10 minutes. I've been on a LOT of flights... this is a first."

Per the Daily Star, people were quick to comment on the video, with one user writing: "That gives a whole new meaning to 'walk of shame'". Another said: "The lady going in must’ve really had to poo." While a third joked: "When you realise the turbulence is coming from the lavatory."

Slick later added: "Couldn’t believe my eyes...I’ve heard the legends, but never thought I would see it in real life #milehigh #travel #nowiveseeneverything #unitedairlines."

But this isn't the craziest thing that's been seen on a plane in recent weeks (in my opinion).

This is the moment a man was caught controlling his in-flight entertainment system with his feet:

Gross. Just... gross.