Couple fake proposal in order to get free drinks at bar

Couple fake proposal in order to get free drinks at bar

There are some people who will do absolutely anything to try to get something free. Maybe they'll collect vouchers and coupons, maybe they'll surf the web for special deals, and maybe they're not always averse to a little bit of subterfuge.

For instance, this week a particularly devious couple have managed to go viral on social media after they faked a proposalm in order to take advantage of a bar's free drinks policy.

An engagement ring. Credit: PA Images

Corinne Miller and Adam Carroll, who hail from Pratville in Alabama, had only been going out officially for a month when Adam hatched a devious scheme, whereby he would pretend to get down on one knee, present Corinne with a ring, and act as though he was about to pop the question while the two of them were on a trip to Atlanta for Corinne’s birthday last July.

In the video of the prank, (which was later uploaded to social media by the pair) Adam can be seen down on one knee while Corinne stood by the bar, acting shocked and elated. It seems as though their performance was convincing, as a group of onlookers in the background can be seen looking truly amazed.

Take a look at the video of the faked proposal here: 

Adam and Corinne fessed up to the bartender about their plan; but many other customers, who were totally taken in, were only too happy to buy celebratory shots for them. Then the ''engaged'' pair moved on to another bar, where they pulled off the same con again!

However, this story does have a much more wholesome ending: six months later, at his own birthday party, Adam decided to pop the question for real. After blowing out the candle on his cake Adam got down on one knee, causing Corinne to laugh with delight. The best part? She said yes ... and she really meant it too!