Couple left horrified at mom's X-rated engagement present

Couple left horrified at mom's X-rated engagement present

A couple getting engaged is a wonderful thing to celebrate. As a man who has proposed himself, I mean it when I say that a proposal signifies that next level of love and commitment between a couple, as they promise to spend the rest of their lives together.

That's why many people choose to have somebody secretly photograph that special occasion, so that single moment can be treasured forever. And for one proud mother-in-law, she decided to take things to the next level with a very special engagement present.

However, upon closer inspection, the doting parent's special gesture was a lot less "Awww", and a lot more "Ewww".

Speaking of disastrous proposals, this is the moment a woman proposed to her boyfriend on live TV, and he hated EVERY second of it:

Thinking she's purchased the couple a sweet personalized gift they could treasure forever, the couple will more likely be keeping hold of the present as a result of its hilarious X-rated flaw.

After having an image of the proposal transformed into a silhouette sculpture, the gentleman's free hand appears to come from a rather unfortunate angle.

The unfortunate image was sent into the popular Instagram gaff page, Awkward Family Photos, where it was later shared with their 661,000 followers.

The hilarious blunder was accompanied by the caption: "My mother-in-law thought it was a good idea to get a sculpture of this beautiful moment."

The post has since garnered more than 26,000 likes, and the comments are just as humorous as the actual post:

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Instagram user miicchhheelle commented: "At first I was like, “why is this awkward? This is cute!” Then I was like, oh nvm

Perhaps the best comment came from tbrawn, who joked: "Ironically, the sculpture would also capture the honeymoon."

At least she said 'yes'! As you can see from the video below, it could have gone a lot worse:

Perhaps this mom should just stick to putting cash in a card for a wedding gift!