Groom's mistress gatecrashes his wedding wearing bridal dress

Groom's mistress gatecrashes his wedding wearing bridal dress

There's a lot that can go wrong on a wedding day. The reason that so much money and so much time goes into the planning of the big day, even some of the smaller-scale weddings, is because you really want it to go off without a hitch. If it's going to be the happiest day of your life, then you damn well don't want any slip-ups that are going to derail the proceedings.

Saying that, there are always going to be a few mistakes made or a few things that don't play out how you want them too. It's not just down to the two getting married to make sure everything goes right, but for the rest of the guests to stay on their best behaviour throughout - and that's just a very hard thing to pin down, given how unpredictable people can be.

wedding cake Credit: Pexels

For one couple, it pretty much went as bad as it possibly could have gone, after the groom's mistress turned up to cause trouble. Frankly, the man shouldn't have been getting married in the first place if he's cheating on his bride-to-be, but he clearly thought he could get away without something like this going down.

The incident, which reportedly took place in South Africa, involved not just a gatecrashing mistress, but a gatecrashing mistress dressed as a bride. We're talking a full white gown, veil and gloves. Now that's one way to make a memorable entrance.

Twitter user @nkokhi recorded what went down and shared the video in June last year, and the tweet has recently gone viral, picking up nearly 7,000 retweets and over 675,000 views.

"Side chick rocked up at the wedding also wearing a wedding dress groom trying to calm the situation," he captioned the video, which shows a man desperately trying to calm down a woman in the wedding dress... while the real bride tries to keep herself together.

It's not clear where exactly this happened or what happened afterwards, but the guests in attendance seemed to know what was going on, and were making one hell of a racket in response.

It looks as if the mistress may be trying to talk to the bride, undoubtedly to warn her off her cheating husband-to-be, while a bridesmaid tries to separate her from the couple.

"I hope every man that cheats, gets a side chick like this," one Twitter user wrote, echoing some of the sentiments held by the internet. "I wonder what lies he tried to feed his fiancé afterwards," another added, while one person asked a very good question:

"How is the main chick still there patiently waiting for the wedding to continue? How is none of her friends and family shutting this down? Who the hell is cheering?"

While the groom is likely in a world of trouble for being at the root of this chaotic day, he really can't blame anyone but himself...