Hero guy goes above and beyond to make sure his brother-in-law gets over his wedding jitters

Hero guy goes above and beyond to make sure his brother-in-law gets over his wedding jitters

Remember at school when you had to do a presentation in front of the class? I don't think any of us ever liked doing that - except for those of us who just love the spotlight. Teachers promised us that this prepared us for the future - but what did they know? In adult life, there are no situations where you have to be the centre of attention, making a speech with all eyes on you.

If you're lucky, you might not have had to do it in your chosen vocation, but there are some events where you may be forced into an awkward spot. For someone who doesn't like having to speak in front of a group of people, the idea of a wedding is fairly daunting.

For an entire day, you have to be on your best behaviour and perfectly presentable, as you meet your partner's extended family and friends, as well as your own. You have to say your vows in a silent room with dozens hanging onto your every word, and maybe even a speech too. It may be the most special day of your life, but I imagine both of you will be glad to call it a day once you get back to your room.

One man who was getting the pre-wedding jitters was Val, and it wasn't even his first time in this particular situation. He and his wife Heidi decided to renew their marriage vows this year, with the ceremony taking place on June 30th - exactly five years after they first eloped.

Despite going through this all already, and with the pressure of the most important day lessened somewhat, he was freaking out about the upcoming event. So, Heidi's brother Eric decided to do a little role play, making light of the situation and easing his brother-in-law's nerves. His idea: to dress up in his sister's dress for the wedding photos as a special surprise.

The photos were shared by KevinChole Photography on their Facebook, where they wrote:

"From the Dreamy wedding I had a little while back.

"The groom was VERY nervous so the Bride dressed her brother up in a friends old wedding dress and sent him down for the first look in her place. Needless to day, his reaction was absolutely priceless and it TOTALLY worked!"

The photos, as you can expect, are hilarious - and more than a little adorable.

First, Eric sneaked up on his unsuspecting relative.

Once he registered who it was wearing the big day's gown, Val was beyond pleased.

Once he'd gotten over the initial surprise, the pair decided to go with the flow and take a few photos for the wedding album.

Don't they make for a sweet couple? I bet the real bride is hoping her wedding photos turn out nearly as well as these did.

Either way - this is one sure-fire way to make your second wedding as memorable as the first, and ease the nerves a little.