Hooters are giving out free chicken wings to anyone who shreds a photo of their ex

Hooters are giving out free chicken wings to anyone who shreds a photo of their ex

In theory, Valentine's Day is a great day to spend with the one you love, but in reality, it means crowded restaurants, overpriced gifts and overblown expectations - and that's just if you're in a relationship. For most other people, it can be a battle against loneliness and self-doubt, and it's really easy to become bitter.

But one food brand out there is trying to speak out against romantic bitterness, and want you to give love another chance. If you're still reeling from a breakup, if you're coming out of your cage and feeling less than fine, then Hooters want you to pay one of their locations a visit.

I mean, there were probably quite a few lonelyhearts out there that were probably thinking of that anyway, but Hooters have figured out a way to make it a little less... sad. Simply bring in a photo of your ex and shred it at their location (to be honest, you probably shouldn't be carrying that around anyway), and they'll give you 10 free boneless wings when you buy 10 wings of any kind.

In a press release, Hooters explained that regardless of where you are on the single spectrum - "both heartbreakers and the heartbroken", as they put it - you can enjoy some good old chicken, completely free of charge.

"Shredding one’s ex appears to be a universal language and Hooters is looking to break last year’s record of 40,000+ photos shredded, with even more crushed participants looking to have their faith in love restored, and a lot more free wings! This is the perfect opportunity for those newly single to cater to their true heart’s desire – Hooters world-famous chicken wings."

Hooters Shred Your Ex Credit: Hooters

With your shredding all out of the way and free chicken on its way, you've got a range of chicken wing flavours to choose from. If Smoked Wings, Original-Style Wings, Naked Wings, or Daytona Beach-Style Wings don't take your fancy, then Bacon Wrapped Wings or Boneless Wings will, and you've also got a variety of sauces to help to enhance the flavour.

The best part of all this? You don't even need to carry your ex's photo all the way to a Hooters shredder - you can do all that shredding from the comfort of your own home. Those of you more inclined to some online shredding can pick up an online coupon that's redeemable at any store. Isn't that neat?

There's only one catch, you heartbroken chicken lovers out there: this deal only applies this Valentine's Day, so you've got to figure out which of your exes you want to shred for some free chicken. It also can't be combined with any other promotional offers, you sneaky so-and-sos.

But other than that, what better way is there to spend your Valentine's Day than by shredding up photos of the one who broke your heart, and getting free chicken as a result? What's that, you say? Spending time with a special someone, or with your other single friends?

Nope. Get out of here with that.