Identical twin sisters who married identical twin husbands plan to synchronise pregnancies

Identical twin sisters who married identical twin husbands plan to synchronise pregnancies

The odds of a birth resulting in identical twins are one in 250, according to the NHS.

So you can imagine just how slim the odds of two identical twins marrying identical twins and planning to have synchronized pregnancies are.

Yes, that is a mouthful, but it's a reality for Brittany and Briana Salyers, who are married to identical husbands Josh and Jeremy.

This is why the sisters want to be pregnant at the same time: 

The unusual couples shared their story on TLC's documentary Our Twinsane Wedding. In which, Jeremy said that, in an ideal world, he and his twin brother will become fathers to twins on the same day:

"We want to have twins, and we want them to be born on the same day…"

"We'll be raising our families together as well. That's something we're all on the same page about too."

Identical twins getting married. Credit: TLC

After their joint wedding, Brittany said: "Our children will be genetic siblings, so they'll be cousins in theory, but they'll be genetic siblings because we share DNA, they have the same DNA so…"

In the video below, the couples explain how their unlikely relationships came about: 

Briana revealed that the sisters would find it very difficult if they weren't pregnant at the same time and said: "If she [Brittany] was pregnant, I would prefer being pregnant too."

"Being pregnant at different times would be difficult especially with the physical changes that happen."

"So if I was pregnant and Brittany wasn't, I imagine I would look very different… That would be so hard."

Identical twins cooking. Credit: TLC

If you hadn't worked it out already, Brittany and Brianna do everything together - from working at the same law firm to even holding feet.

"Some people hold hands, we hold feet… It's just something we do whenever we're sitting next to each other," Briana revealed.

You can watch Our Twinsane Wedding on TLC.