Man gets custom wedding ring made to 'look like his wife's vagina'

Man gets custom wedding ring made to 'look like his wife's vagina'

Wedding rings, materialistic though they might be, are traditionally supposed to be a symbol of your commitment to your spouse. And while they vary greatly in appearance - for instance, some are simpler and more understated than others - they tend to have a few basic features in common. Generally, they're relatively lavish, intricate and perhaps most of all, wholesome.

Although the ring below, which was recently posted to social media, is perhaps not 'wholesome', at least in the traditional sense of the word.

ring Credit: Wedding Shaming / Facebook

It was posted by a Facebook user to a wedding shaming group on the site, after they stumbled upon the x-rated wedding ring on Twitter.

"Found this on Twitter," they wrote. "But the husband's wedding ring is a moulding of his wife's coochie."

One woman from California "dreamt" about eating her engagement ring only to wake up and find that she actually did:

Needless to say, plenty of people chimed in on the resulting discussion, with one person asking: "But what do you tell your grandma? Or your co-workers? I hate this. Stop it."

Others were at a loss as to what he would get out of showing "off his wife's lady bits".

"Why does he want to show off his wife's lady bits for the world to see?" the Facebook user wrote.

ring Credit: Wedding Shaming / Facebook

"Did he make it himself or have to show a picture, or worse, brought his wife in with him to get it made?" someone asked.

Another joked: "I so wish I was there to see how this all went down at the jeweller."

ring Credit: Wedding Shaming / Facebook

Although the vast majority of the commenters shamed the ring for its bizarre appearance, not everyone was so negative.

"I mean, I don't hate it... I think it's funny," one person shared.