Man proposes to his girlfriend while surfing

Man proposes to his girlfriend while surfing

A man was photographed proposing to his girlfriend while they were both surfing off Queen's Beach in Waikiki, Honolulu, ABC News reports. Rather than hang 10, Chris Garth got down on one knee on Sunday, November 10, 2019, and popped the question to Lauren Oiye, who said yes.

Just moments after, Garth reportedly dropped the ring in the ocean by accident - but fortunately had a spare. The real ring, in fact, was on shore at Queen’s Beach in Waikiki, where the pair met five years before, Hawaii News Now reports.

Chris Garth certainly isn't the only one to get down on one knee while surfing. Back in 2016, a surf instructor named Peter Abell popped the question to his girlfriend.

This is the heartwarming moment Peter Abell, 32, proposes to marine biologist Angie de Burgh, 30, while they are both surfing down the Severn Bore in the Bristol Channel:

When images of the proposal were posted online, plenty of people took to social media to share their thoughts on it.

"Thankfully he thought ahead and used a fake," one person tweeted.

"The kind of man who makes the rest of us look bad: Surf school boss proposes to girlfriend while surfing," added another.

"You can see her jaw drop, then says 'yes'," wrote a third.

Not everyone, however, was so impressed by the unique proposal.

"Of course, this surfer dude proposes to his surfer girlfriend while on a surfboard haha," someone else wrote. "Are we really shocked?"

Others drew attention to the impractical nature of the proposal while admitting that it was a sweet one nonetheless.

"Not sure it's the most practical way to propose but such a beautiful sentiment haha," wrote one user.

No details about the rings have been released, according to ABC News. And no comments from either the groom or bride-to-be have been released.