Man spends two years planting thousands of flowers for his blind wife to smell

Man spends two years planting thousands of flowers for his blind wife to smell

A doting husband has planted thousands of flowers for the sole purpose of putting a smile on his blind wife's face - but the gesture has now become a popular tourist attraction, The Telegraph reports.

Mr and Mrs Kuroki married in 1956, and after having two children together, they settled into a happy life as dairy farmers in Shintomi Town, Japan.

After 30 years of marriage, the husband and wife started making plans for retirement. They wanted to travel around their home country following decades of hard work on their dairy farm in Miyazaki Prefecture.

The world’s oldest married couple recently celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary:

Sadly, when she turned 52, Mrs. Kuroki very suddenly lost her sight over a period of just one week due to complications of diabetes, according to the Metro.

Naturally, her sudden loss of vision hit Mrs. Kuroki incredibly hard and she began suffering from overwhelming depression as a result.

Devastated by the fact that her plans to travel the country with her husband had been thwarted, she stopped leaving the house - much to the concern of Mr. Kuroki. So he embarked on an ambitious undertaking to plant thousands of flowers for his wife to smell and attract visitors to give her some much-needed company.

While flowers have long been a gesture associated with love and romance, it turns out they're not everyone's cup of tea. In fact, this bride ditched a bouquet of flowers in favor of a bouquet of donuts!

Over the course of two years, he planted a field of pink shibazakura flowers in their garden, creating the most beautiful spectacle.

It has now been a decade since Kuroki's loving gesture - these days, up to 7,000 visitors can be found admiring the flowers on any given day.

Some are lucky enough to meet Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki themselves as they are often seen walking around nearby.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, it is the heartwarming love story, which inspired the impressive sea of flowers, that attracts thousands of people to the site.