Mom accidentally records her own reaction instead of daughter's marriage proposal

Mom accidentally records her own reaction instead of daughter's marriage proposal

A woman who was given the responsibility of recording her future son-in-law proposing to her daughter on a smartphone completely missed the moment and accidentally recorded her own reaction, KOB4 reports.

Benjamin Steele Bacon, who had been with his girlfriend Amber for three years, asked her mother Susan Griego to film the moment he popped the question.

He wanted to make the romantic gesture at the Albuquerque Biopark, explaining to Albuquerque news station KOB4: "Penguins, between me and Amber, are kind of a thing so I figured so why not just do it and the penguin exhibit”.

Susan was asked to take a photo of the couple and film Ben getting down on one knee to propose but struggled with the task and ended up taking a selfie.

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"My camera phone wasn't working well enough so I said ‘Let me have your phone Amber and I'll take some film,’” Susan told KOB4. “I couldn't figure out how to work it and I'm taking a selfie of myself and I realize I'm filming myself instead of them and I'm laughing and we're all laughing and I guess I'm not very good at photography.”

According to Ben, there had been technical challenges from the outset. "Well, first off the light wasn't as good as I had hoped,” he added.

Ultimately, though, both Ben and Amber felt it made the whole proposal more memorable. "People have asked about it. I feel like that's kind of our relationship. Something wacky and random," Amber said. "It's the perfect start to this."

However, that's not to say the pair will be trusting Susan with any wedding photography in the future. In fact, when asked if they would hire Susan to be their wedding photographer they replied: "probably not".