Mom-to-be left breathless after seeing her 'late father' in baby's sonogram

Mom-to-be left breathless after seeing her 'late father' in baby's sonogram

A mom-to-be has been left stunned after spotting what she believes to be the face of her late father kissing her unborn daughter in an ultrasound image.

Shantel Carrillo, a 30-year-old woman from San Diego in California, has opened up to NBC 7 about how amazed she was by the image of her father's face, which seemingly appeared in a sonogram of her second pregnancy. 

Shantel lost her father Chuck back in 2016 after he suffered a fatal cardiac arrest. When she saw the image of the ultrasound, she wanted to share it online, but her friends noticed a particular shape, which resembled another picture she had of her dad kissing her first baby, her now-10-year-old daughter Myree Pacheco, while wearing a red baseball cap.

In the video below, Shantel speaks out about the incredible experience:

Commenting on the picture in a later interview, Shantel stated: "Right when I posted it, like 30 seconds later, someone's like, ‘There's an angel kissing your baby! I was like: 'Holy c**p, it does look like my dad!' It was honestly like a punch in the chest, how awesome it was to see that. It took my breath away, it really did."

She added: "It does look a lot like my dad. And it’s awesome, and you know, it could be him, just saying, ‘Hey, I’m here, and it’s all good,’” Carrillo said. “Or it could be that placenta just looks like my dad, which is awesome too. It’s just a cool picture to have; it just is what it is... It could very well be him – you never know. It’s so his character; that’s just so my dad."

Shantel, who is due to give birth in April of next year, has denied that she has used photo-editing tools to alter the image in any way herself.