Mom's warning after baby gets stuck to public changing table covered in superglue

Mom's warning after baby gets stuck to public changing table covered in superglue

A young mom has shared a warning to all parents of young children after her baby daughter became stuck to a public changing table after vandals covered it with a super-strength glue.

Libby Fairbairn, from Edinburgh, revealed that she had been changing her three-month-old daughter Sadie while visiting the National Museum of Scotland, when she suddenly realized she was unable to pick her up.

At that moment, the mom was left horrified as she noticed the room smelt like superglue.

Writing to her friends and loved ones on Facebook, Fairbairn shared her experience:

"I’d like to think this was an isolated incident however just a pre-warning to parents of nappy (diaper) wearing children.

"We went to the museum today (skint, cheap day out) and both kids needed changed so went into the disabled/baby changing area.

"Did Sadie first because the plan was to let James walk around once he had a new nappy on. We had forgotten the mat we usually put down on changing tables, so just kept her in her [snowsuit] while I changed her...

"Noticed it was quite sticky, finished changing her to find she was stuck down quite hard.

"It appeared that someone had put superglue all over the changing table."

Libby, 30, accompanied her post with pictures of her daughter's clothing covered in superglue. She also revealed how she believes her daughter's snowsuit is to thank for any injuries being avoided, but said she wouldn't have been able to forgive herself if it was "bare skin". She continued:

"You can see from the pictures it goes from her bottom right up to the hood of her [snowsuit]. So had I changed James first, he would have had bare skin and his hair on this! I can’t even bear to think how painful that would have been!! It would have ripped/burned his skin and pulled his hair out."

The mother also took the time to praise the manager at the museum for his prompt response to her complaint - revealing that he was "beyond apologetic" and sent a cleaning team to each changing table at the facility. She wrote:

"Must shout out to the manager at the museum though!! He was beyond apologetic, got his whole cleaning crew to check every table in the building and gave us free entry to the new tyrannosaurus exhibition (we didn’t expect anything, just wanted them to be aware - it wasn’t their fault! Side note: the exhibition is fab!) can’t fault them at all for this! We are so lucky to have such an interesting place to visit for free in the city! [...]

"I’d never forgive myself if this had been bare skin! Have to question some people’s mentality to do something so dangerous."

In a follow-up post, Libby claimed to have spoken to local authorities, who confirmed that superglue had been found on two other public baby changing tables in the city - one of which resulting in contact with an infant's skin.

A National Museums Scotland spokeswoman told Edinburgh Live said:

"Our Visitor Experience staff were alerted to some concerning vandalism in the public toilets at the National Museum of Scotland over the weekend.

"Our Visitor Experience Managers responded quickly to assist those affected and to check the rest of the public facilities in the Museum.

"We will continue to rigorously check that all of our public facilities are regularly serviced to ensure that they are clean and safe."