Single dad wears dress to Mother's Day event so his kids don't feel left out

Single dad wears dress to Mother's Day event so his kids don't feel left out

Mother's Day is celebrated by many cultures around the world, from the United States to Australia to Thailand. The dates and traditions may differ, but the concept is the same: honoring your mom and letting her know that she is appreciated.

In Thailand, Mother's Day falls on August 12, and it's traditional for moms to join their kids at school for a special ceremony. The children kneel in front of their mothers, paying respect to her for everything she's done. Young children give their mothers a handmade card or a special gift, such as jasmine, a white flower that is associated with motherhood due to its purity and sweetness. It's common for both kids and moms to shed tears during this loving event.

However, if children don't have a mother, they might feel left out. Chatchai "Sam" Panuthai is a single dad with two sons, 3-year-old Imsome and 5-year-old Ozone. Three years ago, their mother walked out on them, and she currently lives in Europe. So, she would not make it to Kanchanaburi, Thailand for this special holiday.

Thankfully, Chatchai stepped up for the occasion. The motorbike-loving mechanic raided his mother's closet and proved just how much he loves his kids. He showed up at the event in a dress, with his hair pinned up, so his children would be included in the ceremony. Maybe he was overdressed, since many moms there were wearing pants, but who cares?

"I'm a single dad so I just wanted to make sure that my two sons were happy," Chatchai told The Daily Mail. "I was a bit embarrassed, but it meant that they could take part like their classmates."

Kornpat Ae Sukhom, Chatchai's friend, and a mother at the event, recorded a cute moment between Chatchai and Ozone. When she uploaded the video to Facebook, it went viral, getting over six million views. Viewers were touched by the adorable gesture, and impressed by how far a father would go for his kids. "How many dads will love you like this?" asked one Facebook user, while another commented, "Why am I crying?"

Speaking with BuzzFeed News, Kornpat said, "Everyone enjoyed it and all laughed and took photos with him. His two sons weren’t quite sure what was going on and why Dad was wearing a dress." At this age, they might not understand why their dad rocked a dress at school. But if he didn't show up, they probably would have felt awkward, not included in the ceremony with everyone else.

Now Chatchai can be added to a list of nominees for Father Of Year, like the dad who got up on stage to do ballet with his daughter when she got stage fright, and the dad who worked three jobs to surprise his daughter with her dream prom dress. Actually, there are no nominees. You're all winners.