This guy put his girlfriend's bikini pictures to the best possible use and the internet is crying with laughter

This guy put his girlfriend's bikini pictures to the best possible use and the internet is crying with laughter

If I were to mention a news story about a boyfriend and his girlfriend's bikini photos, you would probably automatically begin to cringe, bracing yourself for an awful turn of events.

And you'd be right to. It seems that everytime you check the newspapers, there's some new revolting tale of an ex-lover leaking explicit images online for the world to see without their old partner's permission.

But calm your worried mind, because the story you're about to read is one that features a boyfriend, his girlfriend's bikini pictures and sheer hilarity.

Twitter user Marissa Tee was recently in the middle of a deep and meaningful conversation with her boyfriend when he sent her a collage of her bikini photos. However, it sure wasn't your average skimpy collage, with the unique photo series being musically inspired by the song Cotton-Eye Joe by Rednex.

Perhaps we can agree that it wasn't exactly perfect timing to send it, but the musical collage sure was entertaining. It turns out that thousands of other people appreciated it too, with Marissa's post on Twitter gaining an incredible 211,000 retweets, 578,000 likes and 3,600 comments. Not bad for a rookie collage-maker and singer, eh?

Social media users also showed their appreciation in the comment section, with many losing it at the video. "I am beyond impressed at how well he knew all the "notes" and also how he didn't crack up way sooner. I would have lost it the first second," wrote Twitter user @cmiller9813.

User @mamiimini also praised the post, writing: "I could not... she said she was having a heart to heart someone could have told me they were dying and I would have busted out laughing that’s too funny lmfao".

What a fun boyfriend to have around, huh? Well, you're about to get an even bigger taste of the green-eyed monster now when you see another post that Marissa made about her boyfriend. Not long before she went viral with the video, the Twitter user uploaded another Tweet that spoke of how she'd finally found the perfect guy.

"After years of constant heartbreak & my heart being used and dragged around i thought it was impossible I’d find someone who could love me for me," she wrote. "So, thank you to the universe for giving me a love i thought I’d never find. Everyone was right, the wait is worth it."

Beneath her caption, Marissa had uploaded screenshots of the adorable conversations that the two had shared. One read: "You are the one person that took an actual chance on me. Without hesitation. And I just want to thank you for believing in me. I love you with all my heart and soul and will continue you strive to make you the happiest human on this planet. I love you. I'm going to marry you. We are going to have a family. You are my everything."

Pretty darn adorable, right? Now, tell us, Marissa, where exactly do we find a guy like this?