This woman set her cheating boyfriend's car on fire

This woman set her cheating boyfriend's car on fire

When you find out your boyfriend's cheating on you, that's a massive betrayal of trust. You're devastated, furious and torn on how to react. The angel on your shoulder suggests  you take the path of forgiveness. After all, infidelity is much more common than we think, so why do we treat it so harshly? If he's repentant, and you communicate honestly through therapy, the relationship could be salvaged. Then you'll live happily ever after, like Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Meanwhile, the devil on your shoulder suggests you take the path of revenge. (Wa ha ha!) After all, he hurt you, so it's only fair that you hurt him back, right? Oh, he says he's sorry, but he doesn't mean it, that lying liar. He'll never change. Destroy something of his, so he can feel some of the pain you felt! Then you'll be enemies forever, like Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

In a video that went viral, a scorned woman chose the path of revenge. As onlookers gasp in the background, she slams a giant rock on the windows of his car (while wearing a long halter dress, no less). But despite whacking the windows at full force, she's unable to shatter them. In order to be so resilient, they must be bullet-proof. If not, I'd really like to know that car's make and model. I've had my car broken into twice in Los Angeles, and both times, the thieves seemed to shatter the windows with ease.

Anyway, after slamming the stone on the trunk in frustration, the woman decides to change tactics. After a jump-cut, we that the cheating boyfriend's car is on fire. That escalated quickly! It seems the jilted lover was finally able to get revenge, and fled the scene. Firefighters arrived to douse the flames, but the damage is done. This isn't the sort of thing that will buff right out.

It's unknown where this incident took place, and the woman has not been identified. She probably hopes it stays that way. If she set the fire, like the video implies, that would be considered an act of arson. Also, we have yet to hear a statement from the cheating boyfriend. But it's safe to say they won't be working this out in therapy. In Lemonade, Beyonce smashed a car's windows with a baseball bat, but she didn't go this far.

Choosing between forgiveness and revenge can be difficult. But this form of revenge is pretty extreme and very illegal. In the past, we've seen people retaliate against cheaters in more lighthearted ways. For example, one guy saw his girlfriend making out with another guy at a party, and took a selfie. He got the joy of revenge, without any of the misdemeanors or felonies. So, it's probably best to ignore the devil on your shoulder. Or skip forgiveness and revenge, and just say "Boy, bye."

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